New weather station

I just purchased and installed a new weather station from Switchdoc. OurWeather - Complete Weather Kit  I wanted something I could work on with my smallest daughter who has become interested in computers, technology, and coding.  This kit was perfect.  Everything I needed for a basic weather station, easy to assemble (grove and RJ11 connectors),... Continue Reading →

Life with HomePod

I have had Apple's HomePod for a few weeks now and here is what you need to know. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a HomePod. Do you use Apple Music?  If not, then you will not enjoy having the HomePod.  No other streaming music services work with it, even... Continue Reading →

Finance data on your phone?

Something we all use our computer for is financial data.  Accessing your bank account, investments, and paying bills is extremely convient and easy to do.  But what about your phone?  Many of us are already doing these common tasks on them.  Many seem reluctant because of concerns.  Here are the most common concerns I hear... Continue Reading →

Backup your data.

In the aftermath of Harvey, in between the thoughts and prayers for all those affected, I have to wonder how many of them lost all the information on their computers.  Today amist all the distruction, this is a small concern, but at some point it will come up. Backups are SO IMPORTANT!!!! We need to... Continue Reading →

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