New weather station

I just purchased and installed a new weather station from Switchdoc.

OurWeather – Complete Weather Kit 

I wanted something I could work on with my smallest daughter who has become interested in computers, technology, and coding.  This kit was perfect.  Everything I needed for a basic weather station, easy to assemble (grove and RJ11 connectors), and no “out of the box” coding required.  We had it running and tested in about 20 minutes.  Installed on the house in about an hour and delivering data to my iPhone soon after.  We went over all the components and discussed what each one does while seeing information immediately on the included display and begin to design our on apps using the Blynk framework at first as well as the RestAPI.  She is already talking upgrades for to detect lightning, air quality, and solar add ons.  I may have created a monster.

I have done all this before.  This makes my third weather station in about 5 years.  One complete turn key solution from Accuweather, a home grown RaspberryPI kit, and now the OurWeather.  The previous devices provided the data correctly and ranged from simple but unchangeable to complex, highly configurable but often broken.

Time will tell if this one cuts the mustard, but so far, it’s exceeded my expectations and provided a fun afternoon with my little girl.

Thank you Switchdoc.

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