Life with HomePod

I have had Apple’s HomePod for a few weeks now and here is what you need to know.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a HomePod.

  1. Do you use Apple Music?  If not, then you will not enjoy having the HomePod.  No other streaming music services work with it, even using you phone.  It is not a bluetooth speaker.
  2. Do you REALLY enjoy listening to music.  The HomePod sounds fantastic.  It’s the best speaker I have in the house hands down.  If you are a yes on Apple Music and music is playing in your home all the time, don’t even finish this article and go get one.
  3. Do you use Siri as a personal assistant?  Yes?  HomePod gives you hands free full home access to Siri.  But, only on the iOS device account you use for setup.  It currently can not do more than one account.
  4. Do you use Home Automation? Yes? HomePod will become a hub for home automation….eventually.  Echo is currently better.  HomePod may also require all new hardware to enable use of home automation.  If you are just getting started and you are already deep in Apple products around the house, get one.

Having said all this all this, things will change.  Future updates will make all of this change in a hurry.  I certainly don’t regret getting one and can not wait to make better use of it.


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