New iPad case with Bluetooth Keyboard

Just bought a new case and keyboard combination for my iPad Air. I am writing this using it as a test to see about responsiveness and feel. Not bad. My favorite part of the keyboard, and the main reason I bought it, was the full size right shift key. I know, that sounds trivial, but many of these iPad sized keyboards place a PgUp key between the ?/ key and the right shift. I am sure it’s just me, but I can not use keyboards like that.

Plenty of nice features including iPad specific key, like home, good feel on the key press, and back lighted to see better in the dark. Only downside is it uses a mini USB for charging. So now when I charge my iPad, I need another cable to charge the keyboard. Maybe the rumor of a new peer charging feature will some day give rise to a lighting to mini-USB cable I can use to power the keyboard if ever needed.

More later as I continue to use it and explore using my iPad as a full publishing device.

PS: I’ve forgotten how to multitask on an iPad. It’s like I’ve never used this device before. Been setting on a shelf to long.

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