Backup your data.

In the aftermath of Harvey, in between the thoughts and prayers for all those affected, I have to wonder how many of them lost all the information on their computers.  Today amist all the distruction, this is a small concern, but at some point it will come up. Backups are SO IMPORTANT!!!! We need to... Continue Reading →

Oh yeah…I can code!

I don't get to code as often as I use to.  In fact, it feels that I haven't done much at all for the last 7-8 years.  So, I set out to learn (remember) I can. The times, languages, and systems have changed, but the rules haven't.  After many hours of working on some ideas,... Continue Reading →

The personal devices I use…

I have an iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, Watch, TV and AirPods....I am all in on Apple products.  Recently (today as a matter of fact), I have decided to put down the iPad.  It's a great device and I use it daily, but do I need it.  I have used once since the beginning and love... Continue Reading →

Apple is not perfect.

I have some complaints about Apple. Mac login with Apple Watch does not work.  Sometimes after a fresh reboot it might work once, but on a whole it does not.  This was one of the main reason I purchased a Mac Mini and an Apple Watch.  It's the 21st century and the idea of the... Continue Reading →

Windows8 will not shutdown – Fix

  By default, Windows8 does a hibernate shutdown to speed up booting. Eventually you may have issues where this doesn't work. You can boot into Safe mode and delete the hibernate.sys file from the c: directory, or you can disable fast booting. I elected to disable fast boot since I use an SSD drive and... Continue Reading →

Windows8 Win+X menu fix

After recently upgrading to Windows8, I had an issue with items listed in the Win+X menu not functioning.  When I would click on the item, nothing would happen.  I assumed the update didn't work correctly and was destined for a rebuild.  Since my wife has been very busy with her photography business and other projects, I... Continue Reading →

Tablet, Laptop, or PC

Looking to upgrade or replace your existing computer but not sure what to get? Contact us to discuss your computer needs and which device best suits your budget and needs.

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