Windows8 Win+X menu fix

After recently upgrading to Windows8, I had an issue with items listed in the Win+X menu not functioning.  When I would click on the item, nothing would happen.  I assumed the update didn't work correctly and was destined for a rebuild.  Since my wife has been very busy with her photography business and other projects, I... Continue Reading →

Old and slow…

Old computer running slow and you can't afford to replace it? Give us a call.With some minor upgrades and a reload of Windows, your old computer can run better than new. Windows can get clogged with updates and outdated programs. The only sure fire way to get rid of it all is a reload. We... Continue Reading →

Woodlands, Spring and Tomball

Serving The Woodlands, Spring, and TomballKnight Industries provides onsite computer repair and support for all you computer needs. We can also fix most issues remotely once established as a client. Contact us today for rates and to discuss your personalized computer support needs. 

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