Restoring my iPad

My iPad Air starting crashing to the Apple logo the other day. Since it started, I have had over 20 crashes in 72 hrs. It has become unbearable. To correct this issue, I have placed my iPad in recovery mode and using iTunes to restore iOS 10.2. Once complete, I will recover the last backup... Continue Reading →

Trying a new blog application

Based on App store reviews and being recommended as one of the Best Apps of 2016, I am trying out a new blogging tool, Desk 3.0. I am struggling a bit with the use of the application. It seems to publish to WordPress easily and has all the right setting form tags, categories, and publishing.... Continue Reading →

The Switch to MacOS (OSX)

I have recently (April 2016) made the switch to MacOS (OSX 10.12).  It has been an up hill learning experience for me. I have been using some form of Microsoft Windows for over 25 years.  Many people are afraid of making this change, I know I was apprehensive myself.  I have to say that over all... Continue Reading →

XBOX 360 E68 Error

Had a friend bring his XBOX 360 by.  It was having trouble downloading large game updates otherwise it was working fine and not giving any indication of a problem. Not having worked on XBOX hardware...ever...I resorted to Google for answers.  E 68 seems to indicate a hard drive error, but it was still working other than downloading large... Continue Reading →

Custom designed computer

 A friend asked for a custom build computer for her photo/video editing business. Her requirements were simple...SPEED, SPEED, SPEED. Using an Intel i7 processor, 16GB of ram, SSD hard drive and redundant 3.5 Terabyte data drives, not only did she get speed, but some peace of mind knowing her photos are safe from hardware failures.... Continue Reading →

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