iPad Air and Magic Keyboard

2020 iPad Air (4th Generation) with Magic Keyboard My most recent purchase (yesterday in fact) is the 2020 iPad Air (4th generation) and Magic Keyboard. My last iPad was an iPad Air 1st Generation and purely used for media consumption. I tried various keyboards and apps over the years, but in the end, it felt... Continue Reading →

Backup your data.

In the aftermath of Harvey, in between the thoughts and prayers for all those affected, I have to wonder how many of them lost all the information on their computers.  Today amist all the distruction, this is a small concern, but at some point it will come up. Backups are SO IMPORTANT!!!! We need to... Continue Reading →

XBOX 360 E68 Error

Had a friend bring his XBOX 360 by.  It was having trouble downloading large game updates otherwise it was working fine and not giving any indication of a problem. Not having worked on XBOX hardware...ever...I resorted to Google for answers.  E 68 seems to indicate a hard drive error, but it was still working other than downloading large... Continue Reading →

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