Backup your data.

In the aftermath of Harvey, in between the thoughts and prayers for all those affected, I have to wonder how many of them lost all the information on their computers.  Today amist all the distruction, this is a small concern, but at some point it will come up.

Backups are SO IMPORTANT!!!!

We need to remember that it is a digital world. Your computer now contains as many memories as that old photo box our parents or grandparents had.  Also, many of us have important documents scanned and stored digitally.

Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well as MacOS have decent built in backup systems.  Plug in a USB drive and click the backup button.  It couldn’t be easier.  You can also choose a cloud backup services in which you install an application, pay a monthly subscription for storage, and it will work in the background.

My point is, do something. You wouldn’t wait to the last minute to purchase insurance for your house.  Don’t wait until the last minute to wonder what happens if you lose your computer.

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