To blog or not to blog?

Do you blog?  What about?  Is it something you are passionate about or just want your voice to be heard?  How many followers/readers do you have?

For me, it’s about legacy.  I am passionate about technology and love to talk about it with anyone who wants to, but it’s also about leaving a part of me.  I look back at my past, pre internet, and see some faded photographs that, like the memory, have dulled with age.  The number of people who shared that memory are dwindling fast too.  I can only name a few things that my parents and grandparents knew or did, but most of it is gone….poof. Well, that bothers me….alot.  There are many people on the internet that talk about the same things I do. They are probably smarter or at the very least a better writer than I am as well, but that isn’t the point.  Again, this is about me.

My digital fingerprint will out last me and probably any count of generations I can image barring some apocalyptic event. Just imagine some “digital archeologist” (I may have just invented a future job title) digging up this post, a picture of Kim Kardashian, and a funny cat video out of some lost data archive one thousand years from now, what would she think?

My advice to you, is pick a topic and start writing.  Even a digital journal if that is all you want to do.  Do something.  Share yourself and your passions. Leave your digital pottery in the dirt for the future to find. Who knows, you might even be the next internet sensation and make a few bucks along the way.


PS: Drop me a link and I will follow your work.

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