Airport Extreme surprise

Everyone knows I am all about Apple products these days, but this one caught me by surprise.

I don’t use the provided wifi router from my internet provider (AT&T). They SUCK!!!!. I have always had my own router/wifi for security and better performance.  I was using a ASUS router ($130) with a customized open source software (DD-WRT).  It worked quite well.

On a whim, I decided to try out an Airport Extreme. I bought it on ebay for a fraction of the full retail price (msrp $200).  After resetting and updating the device, setting up the device was absolute cake.  I’ve never had an easier setup.  Plugged it in. Open settings and connect to the wifi it presents. My Mac mini opened the configuration utility (which is also on iOS). A few clicks and I was up and running.

What surprised me was that it out performed my ASUS.  Coverage expanded by about 40 percent (using my ipad to test) and the bandwidth was closer to my full internet capability as compared to the ASUS which usually topped out at about 60%.  WOW!!!!  My house was covered well by the ASUS, but now its my whole yard.  Bye, bye ASUS.

The Airport Extreme is now my router of choice and what I will recommend to anyone who asks.  It also has the ability to gang multiple Airports if you need better coverage or dedicated wifi in an area. I understand that not everyone likes Apple, but if you want the best on a budget, this is it.

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