The personal devices I use…

I have an iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, Watch, TV and AirPods….I am all in on Apple products.  Recently (today as a matter of fact), I have decided to put down the iPad.  It’s a great device and I use it daily, but do I need it.  I have used once since the beginning and love the screen size but, it doesn’t do anything my phone can’t do.  In fact, the apps for the iPad, except for games, feel like they are almost an afterthought in the store.

I feel I want a new iPad but really can’t justify the money.  So, I am going to put it down for a time to see how it goes.  My iPhone for all the on the go stuff (not sure I can get use to the smaller screen) and the Mac for everything else.  Prior to my Mac purchase, I would have rather picked up my iPad instead of booting up the Windows PC.  I think the times have changed and I feel more drawn to the Mac for the same tasks.

Time will tell…..

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