Apple is not perfect.

I have some complaints about Apple.

  1. Mac login with Apple Watch does not work.  Sometimes after a fresh reboot it might work once, but on a whole it does not.  This was one of the main reason I purchased a Mac Mini and an Apple Watch.  It’s the 21st century and the idea of the computer unlocking and being ready to work when I sit down is past due.
  2. Air pods are useless mowing the yard.  I don’t expect miracles, but you can not hear anything, zero, zip, nothing with the Air Pods.  I was able to hear my EarPods fine.
  3. Family Sharing in iTunes is a maddening mire of confusion and disfunction. Two movies purchases in the last month have not shared with my other family members.  Apps, its up to the developer, but music and movies should work regardless. While your at it, lets dump iTunes all together. iTunes is an anchor dragging the ecosystem down…at least on Mac.  Windows will always need some connecting application as a jump point into the ecosystem.

Ok Apple, you need to take some time and fix your ecosystem.  Without that, we might as well all switch to Android and Windows.  They don’t work together and probably never will.  I would rather it never work than have the promise of it working and it not.


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