Airpods – In a word AWESOME!

This is not a review of the specs, you can read about that on Apple’s website.  This is a personal review of their use and function.  I’ve struggled with how to do that.  What does everyone want to hear about them that hasn’t been said?

FIT – They do, surprisingly.  These are the first ear pods that I have had that didn’t hurt after a few hours of wearing them.  They also don’t fall out.  I almost forget they are there.  I haven’t tried them while jogging, but while vigorously shaking my head they did not come out.

SOUND – I am not a audiophile. Do they sound better or worse than others? No idea. I can say that they sound good.  There is a surprising amount of bass and depth to the sound.  Plenty of range to be had on all types of music.

FUNCTION – I find that I activate Siri to often by tapping them to insure they are in, but that is my issue.  Volume can only be controlled by the device or by activating siri and voice command. Pairing was a very simple process and that is shared between all of your devices.  No need to pair/unpair to change to another device.

BATTERY – So far, I get about 4-5 hours on a charge.  Recharging in the box took about 20 mins for 100% charge.  So far, I have only recharged the box once in the last week.

PRICE – I don’t question the price.  Some will think it fair, others will think it too much and not worth it. That is your call.  I hope my review can help some of you make that decision.

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