Yes, it is a SCAM!

Anyone who calls and says your computer has a virus is a liar and a thief. IT IS A SCAM! HANG UP THE PHONE!

Your computer can not and will not send a message to anyone with that information. The most it can do is notify you, on the screen, that there is an issue. The person on the phone will sound very convincing. They will give you all sorts of information to prove it is your pc they are talking about. The trick is, they are giving you information that is common to ALL Windows PCs. They are expertly describing to you crafted information that EVERY Windows PC on Earth contains. Then they ask you to install software that gives them full access and control of your PC. Now they own you. They will have access to all of your information forever until the computer dies. They happily will do all of this to you for a price. So, in a nutshell, you just paid between $300-$1000, to be hacked, scammed, fraud on your credit card, and taken advantage of.

PLEASE don’t do this. Hang up the phone!

Notice I said Windows PCs. If you feel like having a bit of fun, ask them “Windows PC you say? I only have a Mac.” and watch how quickly they hang up on you. Macs are not full proof and there is no reason to run out and get one now, they just won’t waste their time with you and call the next person.

Chances are you know someone who works with computers, talk with them. Backup your data. Learn to protect yourself.

If you are reading this, then you know me. I will always help if you ask, for free.

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