What is NET Neutrality and what it means.

The term “net neutrality” sounds harmless and boring.  This could not be more wrong. This topic will effect every person who uses the internet on all devices from computers and smartphones, to xbox and IoT devices.

In a nutshell, the term “net neutrality” means that all data, devices, and sites are treated equally and your internet providers can not discriminate against any one type or source of data.  For example, Netflix must get the same data priority as Amazon when it comes to video streaming, the ability to choose your search provider, as well as stream music from any source you choose. This is how it should be.  Freedom of the internet.

Now, I identify as Republican on most issues, this one they have dead wrong.  Under the desguise of requiring smaller ISPs to disclose their pricing structures (transparancey), the Rs want to eliminate all the Titt  Internet providers such as ATT, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon are lobbying to be allowed to say which type of data, or device, or customer can use which type of data.   For example, what if ATT decides that they don’t want to allow Netflix data to its customers, or worse, you have to pay or Netflix must pay (which means your price will increase) a premium to get it.  Or maybe Verizon says you can’t stream music from Pandora because they own a competing business or have an exclusive deal with Spotify.

Many companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple support net neutrality and the continued efforts of the FCC and federal government to continue to allow the freedoms we currently enjoy when using the Internet. Overturning the NET Neutrality laws (Title II) will not serve any purpose other than to create a means for internet providers to pocket more money by charging premium services or striking deals with institutions that provide internet services for exclusive rights. I am not familiar with the entire set of laws around this subject, maybe there are some provisions that don’t make any sense as there always are in the Federal law process.  I only ask that you familiarize yourself on the topic.  Please keep our internet data free.

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