The Switch to MacOS (OSX)

I have recently (April 2016) made the switch to MacOS (OSX 10.12).  It has been an up hill learning experience for me. I have been using some form of Microsoft Windows for over 25 years.  Many people are afraid of making this change, I know I was apprehensive myself.  I have to say that over all it has been a good move.  I still use Windows PCs at work, but at home I am all in on MacOS.  Mutitasking, even on a base mac mini, is way easier than Windows and requires much less computing horsepower. I am writing this using the WordPress app, while buring a DVD of photos for the wife, and having Facebook, Twitter, Thunderbird, iMessaging, the App Store, weather, and Facetime running in the backgroud.  The application switching and gesturing on MacOS is so much more simple than Windows and not to beat the old Apple line, but it “just works”.

Many features are familiar like Copy/Cut/Paste.  It uses the COMMAND(⌘) key instead of CTRL.  LaunchPad is similar to an application/start menu where you can launch apps.  The Dashboard feels a lot like iOS and widgets.  Pressing F4 or using a 4-finger jesture, brings up the application switching screen which is far more intutive that the Alt-TAB windows method. Using the jestures is so easy to get use to, I hardly even think about it any more.

If you are a iPhone/iPad user, the switch to MacOS is a must.  The ability to seemlessly switch between devices and continue working is beyond any level of productivity I can describe.  Answer calls, sending iMessages or text messages right from your Mac is almost priceless. Siri is there too.

Many new features in the works too.  Logging in using an iWatch.  Listening to music via AirPods. I hope to have a wireless keyboard with the touchbar in it, please if you are listening Apple.

In the end, its about personal choice.  I am a computer person and had no issues learning to use a Mac.  Just like so many of you probably will, I had to Google my way through many “How tos” to figure things out, but in the end, its a good switch.  Don’t be afraid to jump in with me.

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