Backup your computer files. The only other option is losing everything.

This is the strangest topic I have to talk about. Everyone seems to know they need to backup their computer files, but hardly anyone knows if they are or if it’s even working. So here is the answer….YES!!! You need to backup your computer.

If you don’t mind monthly fees and have no concerns about online security (which is a topic for another discussion) then choose a reputable online backup service. Usually you install software on your computer, select the folders/files you want to backup or just let it default, register your account, and forget about it.  Most services encrypt your data so there is some level of protection. The downside other than the monthly cost which can change of time is the intitial backup will be slow and can take a while to complete. After that, it’s pretty seamless until you need to recover, which can be challenging since you need their software installed first.
If monthly contracts and online data bother you, there are plenty of local, attached to your computer or network, options. Simplest and cheapest of these options is a USB external hard drive attached to your computer. The downside to a local solution is you must learn to use it. This option requires constant vigilance, updates, and hardware monitoring that may not be your cup of tea. It’s important to remember, a non functioning backup system is the same as not having one.
In short, there is no easy backup solution, but it must be done.  Hardware issues with your computer is inevitable. You have to be prepared. The only other option is losing everything.

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