XBOX 360 E68 Error

xbox360-E68-error-300x225Had a friend bring his XBOX 360 by.  It was having trouble downloading large game updates otherwise it was working fine and not giving any indication of a problem. Not having worked on XBOX hardware…ever…I resorted to Google for answers.  E 68 seems to indicate a hard drive error, but it was still working other than downloading large updates. Since I didn’t have a spare XBOX hard drive to try, I googled a page on how to hack a standard HD into a XBOX drive.  I was surprised at how simple it was to do.  Here is the link I followed:

XBOX 360 Hard drive hack

Luckily I had the correct model left over from another laptop update.  15 mins later we were successfully downloading the game updates and no more issues. I would hope that Microsoft would have included diagnostics for the HD, but that wasn’t the case.  Seems you are left to guess and hope for the best.  It worked out this time.

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