First post from a Mac

Just bought a new Mac Mini for myself and I am trying out the WordPress app.  I don’t post/blog as often as I would like, but I’m thinking that may be due to limitations of my posting devices.  The iPad is nice for something quick, but unless I attach an external keyboard (which I can’t find one I like that doesn’t cost a small fortune), it leaves me a little frustrated.

The Mac Mini uses the same keyboard, but its always connected and of course the larger monitor.  I am all about the iPad for my daily usage, but there is just something about a desktop computer that makes me feel connected and brings back some of the joy of growing up in the early stages of the Internet age.

To the Mac Mini, I bought the lowest and slowest model there is.  I have been frustrated at times with the speed, but overall it’s fantastic.  Thankfully for about the past year I’ve had many reasons and opportunities to work on Macs, so I’m not completely lost with the shortcuts and functions as I have been in the past. The learning curve of switching to OSX from 20+ years of Windows started off slowly, but wasn’t has hard I as once thought it would be.

If you are in the market for a new device, consult with me.  I will be happy to assist you in determining which device is right for you or even custom build something to your exact specs.

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