Backups – Hurricanes and Disaster Recovery

disaster recovery

Hurricane season begins on June 1st. How safe is your data?

A constant part of life on the gulf coast is our annual hurricane season. You should have emergency kits, evacuation routes, supplies, and plans made for your family and property in the event of a hurricane strike in your area. What about your computer data, photos, and financial records?

Great advances in technology have allowed us to become more digital than ever. So instead of mountains of paper or boxes of photos, we have large digital archives. You need a backup strategy to help safe guard this information. A properly planned and maintained backup strategy will provide you with peace of mind and one less thing to worry about when faced with a distaster event.

For your family, those photos and documents are irreplaceable and could contain memories of treasured family events. Most families have also begun collecting huge media and music libraries that took many hours to collect and assemble. Backing up this information to an external hard disc is a cheap and effective way to be prepared and have a grab and go solution in the event of an evacuation. Online backup services are a great way to insure your data is safe as well but may be problematic if you have a large amount of files.

For your business, it’s vital to begin business as usual as soon as possible for the health of the business and your employees. Contracts, invoices, accounting, emails, and customer data are your business’ keys to success. Any lose of data will result in a loss of time and money. Businesses have many available solutions to insure this information is safe and recoverable.

Hurricanes are just one type of disaster. Fire, tornadoes, floods, and even power outages are all events that can lead to disasters for your data. Call us today and don’t wait any longer to insure your data is safe and protected.





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